Healthy Communities

The dream of Ujima Enterprises is to have students who are centered in their own historical experiences. Such students, given the objectives of the Ujima project, will be capable of creating healthy communities by transforming themselves into viable citizens. Nothing is so correct for these students as the attachment to cultural truths that produce in the children the kind of values that are necessary for advancement.

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

The Village

The People of Ujima come from all walks of life. The emergence of The Ujima Project in 1993 was like a magnet drawing people who see the importance of ethnicity and cultural heritage in human identity and social understanding. Word of mouth and the coverage of the annual Juneteenth concert in the local newspaper drew in people from wider circles of the community.

They are parents who bring their children to learn their culture and become more involved in their children’s education. They are professional educators who want to contribute more to the community than their classroom experience  will allow. They are people from the corporate world who want to maintain an active connection to the community. The people of Ujima are of all incomes and ethnicities from the local and regional community and beyond to a national and international network of folks who want to contribute to a better, more humane world of mutual respect and understanding between the diverse peoples of the world.

Some work deeply behind the scenes and provide financial resources and professional expertise; others are grassroots activists who want to maintain the presence of Ujima in the community. Most are parents who want to invest in the success of their children in school. Many feel a desire to give back to the community.


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Powerful Parent Harambee!


Powerful Parent Harambee! Ujima Sasa! families came together to work out a transportation plan to get students from school to the after school program. Great example of teamwork and decision-making for the children, and great fun having a meal together!

Kalamazoo Public Schools superintendent, principal to get awards: Ujima Enterprises to confer honors at Juneteenth Celebration

The superintendent of the Kalamazoo Public Schools and principal of Kalamazoo Central High School are among those who will recognized Sunday for outstanding community service and for their efforts to advance education.

The awards are to be conferred at the Eleventh Annual Juneteenth Celebration, hosted by Ujima Enterprises Inc. at 3 p.m. [...]