Healthy Communities

The dream of Ujima Enterprises is to have students who are centered in their own historical experiences. Such students, given the objectives of the Ujima project, will be capable of creating healthy communities by transforming themselves into viable citizens. Nothing is so correct for these students as the attachment to cultural truths that produce in the children the kind of values that are necessary for advancement.

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

3 Ways to Turn Your Idea into an Income Stream in 2013

With my brand coaching clients, I have noticed a pattern of thinking that most would-be consultants generally fall into. They don’t believe that they can do it, they don’t know how to package their services, and they don’t know how to charge.

If this sounds like you, this year I want you to step [...]

UBR Spotlight: Pre-Teen Entrepreneur Maya Penn

This week on The Urban Business Roundtable, UBR Contributor Renita D. Young speaks with pre-teen entrepreneur Maya Penn, the CEO and owner of Maya Ideas, an Canton, Georgia-based online boutique that sells eco-friendly garments and accessories designed by Penn and sold to customers around the globe.

An artist, animator, designer, illustrator and [...]

How I Did It: Digital Entrepreneur Asmau Ahmed Make Shopping Easier

Asmau Ahmed is founder of Plum Perfect, a visual search engine that provides personal beauty recommendations to shoppers when they upload their photos. Ahmed was able to combine her knowledge of technology and chemistry to provide a resource she found lacking while shopping as a consumer. Noticing a void in the market, [...]