Healthy Communities

The dream of Ujima Enterprises is to have students who are centered in their own historical experiences. Such students, given the objectives of the Ujima project, will be capable of creating healthy communities by transforming themselves into viable citizens. Nothing is so correct for these students as the attachment to cultural truths that produce in the children the kind of values that are necessary for advancement.

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

NY Graduation Rates for Black, Hispanic Boys Lowest in Nation

For African-American and Hispanic male students, New York has the worst four-year high school graduation rate in the country, according to a study by the Schott Foundation for Public Education.

In fact, the researchers say, a meager 37% of black and Hispanic boys are graduating for New York high schools in four years.

The number for male, white students is 78%, according to the foundation’s report titled, “The Urgency of Now.”

“I think this is just an enormous tragedy and it’s happening under the nose of the people in the wealthiest city in the country,” said Michael Holzman of the Schott Foundation.

NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott says the city is working to improve graduation rates and his office points out that while the Schott study focuses on four-year graduation rates, many students do graduate in five or six years.

MORENY Graduation Rates for Black, Hispanic Boys Lowest in Nation | NBC New York.