Healthy Communities

The dream of Ujima Enterprises is to have students who are centered in their own historical experiences. Such students, given the objectives of the Ujima project, will be capable of creating healthy communities by transforming themselves into viable citizens. Nothing is so correct for these students as the attachment to cultural truths that produce in the children the kind of values that are necessary for advancement.

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

UBR Spotlight: Pre-Teen Entrepreneur Maya Penn

This week on The Urban Business Roundtable, UBR Contributor Renita D. Young speaks with pre-teen entrepreneur Maya Penn, the CEO and owner of Maya Ideas, an Canton, Georgia-based online boutique that sells eco-friendly garments and accessories designed by Penn and sold to customers around the globe.

An artist, animator, designer, illustrator and writer, Penn originally set up her business at the age of eight, when she linked up with the online craft store Etsy in 2007. Now age 12, she has demonstrated precocious business savvy, to say the least. Penn has been recognized on Forbes list of notable grade school entrepreneurs, and she donates 10 percent of the profits of her business to charities including Hosea Feed the Hungry, the Atlanta Food Bank, The Captain Planet Foundation and She joins the Roundtable to share what inspired her to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams at such an early age.

Also, UBR Contributor Samantha Pass talks with Dr. Antoine Moss, the founder and CEO of Style Consulting L.L.C. and the nonprofit organization C.H.A.N.G.E. Volunteers Inc., and a nationally recognized career development expert.

SOURCE  UBR Spotlight: Pre-Teen Entrepreneur Maya Penn – Black Enterprise.